stars"The results were wonderful, I felt more vitality, more energized and felt more physically balanced."

- Patti

Full Testimonial

My own positive experiences with Rhoziva had been very impressive for me and for my practitioners. Al & Christie Klungle from Flow Energetics here in London, Ontario where the ones that introduced me to Rhoziva. They brought it back last fall from the Toronto Health Expo where they received some samples. Al & Christie shared some of those samples with me when I was in for biofeedback, they knew I was going through some stress and regaining my strength after an illness and a current surgery, so they tested me for Rhoziva and I tested 100% positive for two a day for 4 weeks.

They gave me many sample packs so they could monitor my success on the Rhoziva. The results were wonderful, I felt more vitality, more energized and felt more physically balanced. I did not feel that 2:00 adrenal depletion in my days and my emotions where much more in balance throughout the day. They tested me after four weeks and again 100% for two a day for three weeks, every time I have been there for my bio sessions I have tested 100% positive for either 1 per day or two per day! It seems like when my body is in need of recovery or restoring I tested for 2 a day and daily maintenance has been 1 per day. I went about three weeks without to take a break and I could feel the difference and my other adrenal herbal supplement did not measure up to the difference I felt on the Rhoziva. 

 I had another surgery almost 1 month ago and I am currently testing positive on biofeedback for two a day again.

Al  has been testing me in each biofeedback session every 4-5 weeks since OCT - I think that's pretty close to 6 bio tests now! I think that is a pretty amazing product.

 I love that it is grown and harvested on Canadian soil!

- Patti Sinden