I have been 28 months a different kind of heart attack survivor and I am a pharmaceutical survivor. I live without taking drugs that I was told I could not live without."

- Dave

Full Testimonial

My name is Dave and I am 61 years old.  I am a heart attack survivor.

In late August 2003, at 6:30 in the morning of a bright sunshine a day, an elephant showed up and sat on my chest. At first I was confused. I did not understand the pain and why I couldn't breathe. Slowly, I came to the realization that what was happening to me was a heart attack. I don't know why, but something convinced me that I needed to accept that reality.  So, to make a long story short, 911 was called and an ambulance took me to the hospital where I was administered treatment that would theoretically resolve the myocardial infarction which was affecting my heart function. It did not work. I was immediately flown to a cardiac unit in a major hospital several hours away, where I underwent emergency angioplasty and stent emplacement in three arterial blockages.

When I came to, I was on the alive side of an otherwise fatal heart attack; I have since been a survivor.

During my recovery, I worked very closely with my doctors to determine a level of dependency on pharmaceuticals that was acceptable to me. Because throughout my previous life, I had always been extremely active, extremely fit and completely healthy. If I hurt myself, I would deal with the pain; even when I was getting stitches for an injury or bone fracture. In fact, I would stitch my own gashes with a needle and thread, rather than go to the hospital. I was the last person you'd expect to have a heart attack. In the six weeks preceding that day, I had put 400 miles on the odometer of my bicycle.

During the process of coming to terms with my pharmaceutical dependency and during a session with my doctor one day, I asked him what he thought would happen if I stop taking the drugs he had prescribed me.  He said, without hesitation, “if you stop taking them you will likely die".

During my pharmaceutical dependency, as a survivor, I continued my active, fit lifestyle. I hiked, climbed mountains, road mountain bike and trained and rode horses. I still do a lot of that. Only now, I don't take pharmaceuticals.

In late 2013, I was introduced to Rhoziva, by Rick Carbone, of Nanton Nutraceuticals. It took me a few months of taking Rhoziva with my regular prescriptions, before I decided to take a chance and slowly reduce my use of my prescriptions, which, of course, I took every day, at the direction of my doctor. That was January, 2014. I have not taken either the statin drug or the beta blocker, since. I do take enteric 81 mg aspirin, but not every day. I take Rhoziva every day. Along with folic acid, glucosamine and omega 3-6-9; for my overworked joints. And I feel better than I did taking pharmaceuticals. I have been 28 months a different kind of heart attack survivor and I am a pharmaceutical survivor. I live without taking drugs that I was told I could not live without.

I do not suggest that anyone taking prescription drugs should stop and substitute Rhoziva for their prescriptions, but I would advocate they try Rhoziva, in addition to whatever prescriptions they are on, for whatever conditions they are afflicted with. And then, they can choose for themselves what would be best for them.  I know Rhoziva has been very good for me.

- Dave, Pincher Creek, AB